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Stainless Fabs Ltd can offer a wide range of fabrication and profile cutting services. Stainless Fabs Ltd design, manufacture and install our products or build from plan.

We offer Solidworks CAD design, CNC water jet profile cutting, CNC ring roller for tube, flat bar and angle profile, CNC press Brake 3.2M 160 Tonne and CNC flatbed router profile cutting.

CNC ring roller for tube - Stainless Fabs Ltd Stainless Steel Fabrication Plymouth Devon

CNC Ring Roller for tube, flat bar and angle profiles.

Stainless Fabs: CNC Cutting Solutions

Stainless Fabs now has the the ability to cut a wide variety of materials using our newly installed MultiCam 3000 Series Waterjet cutting system. Stainless Fabs can offer waterjet or profile cutting in-house, meaning that we've become your one-stop shop for metal cutting and fabrication.

Stainless Fabs latest facilities now have the ability of dealing with demanding cutting requirements from bespoke designs to full scale production requirements. Detailed and precise designs can be created with small holes & slots with no distortions. Cutting using waterjet technology produces clean smooth edges and can be used to cut polished and highly reflective materials.

Using waterjet technologies Stainless Fabs can cut virtually any shape you can draw and with the latest computer software, Stainless Fabs can translate your design into a CAD drawing ready to cut.

CNC Cutting Solutions MultiCam 3000 Series Waterjet Cutting System - Stainless Fabs Ltd Stainless Steel Fabrication Plymouth Devon Stop Brake Press Plymouth - Stainless Fabs Ltd Stainless Steel Fabrication Plymouth Devon

Stainless Fabs Features

Clear cut design and the highest standard of finish, makes stainless steel and aluminum manufactured products what they are in terms of style and durability. We achieve this by paying close attention to detail in our manufacturing process.

All our architectural and marine projects are built and finished to the highest standard. From this, Stainless Fabs use technology of LED architectural lighting to elevate our balcony designs and staircase systems.

Material Range - Stainless Steel Fabs Ltd produce high quality bespoke products in Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Glass. We specialise in architectural LED lighting.

For more information call us on 01752 787 422 or email at contact@stainlessfabs.com.

Stainless Fabs Ltd Stainless Steel Fabrication Plymouth Devon